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Furniture Making Courses for Home Woodworkers - One-to-One Instruction @ £50 per hour.

Courses in all aspects of Furniture Making and Woodworking are run in a well equipped modern workshop where driven by enthusiasm I am keen to pass on my experience to anyone wishing to learn the craft of woodworking. To date over five hundred people have benefited from a course and pictures of the many pieces which have been made by first-time woodworker's can be seen by clicking on the Picture Gallery.

Many home woodworkers about to embark on a project need some short term advice and guidance to avoid making unnecessary costly mistakes, most of which can be avoided with a few hours one-to-one instruction. Planning a project is often where the first problem arises, whether it be the correct wood to use or how to construct your project correctly, both of which can be covered in a one or two hour session.

Most frequently requested subjects are - Setting out and marking out a project to maximise material as economically as possible. Understanding and using safely a table saw, mitre saw or band saw. The correct application of a router and router table, biscuit jointer and pocket hole jig. Cutting out joints require sharp accurate tools so learning how to sharpen chisels and planes is essential. All of these techniques can be learnt in a few hours which will save you time and money.

These courses are held at my workshop near Guildford in Surrey which is fully equipped with the complete range of DeWalt corded and cordless woodworking tools together with a full range of Stanley handtools, which will enable you to try a tool before you need to buy it. Courses can cover any subject you need help with for a duration of two, three or four hours and the timing can suit you.

These courses are usually held on weekday mornings
Please call 07836 205152 to arrange a time to suit you.

These are the principle tools required in a Home Woodworker's Workshop.

Woodhall Barns, Hungry Hill Lane, Send GU23 7LG. Telephone: 07836 205152: Email:

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